Belle and Banjo's Pups

Birthday 8-3 and 8-4-08

3 Boys, 3 Girls = 4 Tri's 2 Blenheim

Puppies available as of Oct 6, Mr. Darcy and Mr. Bingley

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Bingley's Own Page


Banjo and Belle first met on 4-21-06


Banjo has grown to be such a handsome boy

Banjo at 11 months

Belle is just over a year old

This is Belle's Daughter Molly from her First Litter taken Jan. 08


This is Belle with her daughter Molly getting ready for the pups to come

We got concerned because Belle was showing some stress so we loaded her up for the vet. We called the vet and he said, "Stay Home"


Molly looking at the pups of her half brothers and sisters being born

For two hours we had the one big boy and no other pup. He got way too much attention from mom.


Anita, the Midwife stayed until 5:30am

Three Days Old

Pictures below taken on Aug 7, 2008

Belle is sleeping with baby boy inbetween her legs

He is still there as she wakes up from a nap


Pictures below taken on 8-10-08


Pictured Above is Victoria

Pictures Below Were Taken on Aug 11, 2008

Picture Below were taken on 8/12/08

Picture with Belle Nursing Puppies on 8-15-08

Picture Below is Mr. Darcy taken on 8-15-08

Picture Below is Bella on 8-15-08


Rowdy on 8-15-08


Ellie Below



Picture below taken on 8-18-08

Bella on 8-18-08

Bella taken on 8-19--08

Bella on 8-20-08



Pictures Below Taken of Rowdy on 8-23-08

Pictures below taken of Mr. Darcy

First time Eating 8-31-08


Picture of Keith, Jr. with Bella and Darcy on 8-31-08



Picture of Rowdy on 8-31-08

(Rowdy is Sold)

Picture below is taken of Rowdy and my son

Picture Below was taken of Ellie on 9-3-08

(Ellie is sold)

Picture Below Taken on Ellie on 9/23/08

Picture Below is taken of Bella on 9-23-08 & 9-24-08

(Bella is sold)

Victoria 9-3-08 Victoria has beautiful coloring

(Victoria is Sold)

Pictures Below were taken of Mr. Darcy on 9/3/08

(Mr. Darcy is Available)

Picture below Taken of Mr. Darcy on 9/23/08-9-24-08


Pictures Below were taken of Bingley on 9/23/08


(Bingley is Available)



Bella's Visit to the vet below

Darcey's trip to the vet below



Rowdy at the Vets Below


All Sacked out and Tired after their first shots

Below Victoria on 9/20/08





Bella Below on Sept 21, 08

Mr. Bingley Below- Our Little Cuddler Taken on Sept 23, 08

Bingley Sleeping Above


Top View of Bingley and Bingley standing on our kitchen table

Below are relatives coming to visit the puppies


Forrest with his puppy Rowdy


Rowdy Resting after a hard play

Below is Mr. Darcy on 10/2/08 Playing outside

Pictures below taken in Kansas City, Mo at our son's house


Taken on 10/3/08 in Kansas City, pictured below from left to right, Ellie (Penny), Rowdy, Darcy, Bingley


Pictured Below Darcy in Kansas City, Mo on 10/05/08

Darcy & Bingley pictured above on October 5

Banjo(Daddy) on October 5