BML (Judie's Version)

Sometimes my gliders tend to get picky and not eat the BML. I got this recipe from Judie Hausmann because she is the Grand BML Chef. My gliders have loved it this way and never have a problem with them refusing it.

Original BML


Judie's Version

Mix the First 9 items Thoroughly in a Blender of Food Processor
1/2 cup Honey My Gliders Do Not care for Sue Bee at Sams-I purchase Walmart Brand with a Jug Handle
2 ounces Gerber Yogurt Juice This comes in two flavors; Mixed Fruit or Banana Juice. If you can't find it, look on the bottom shelf in the Babyfood Section for the 4-packs. (Walmart carries it) If your grocer does not carry it, ask him to order it. You will have to throw away the other half of the bottle unless you double your recipe
1ounces of apple juice Treetop is great - Try not to use off-brands
1ounces of cranapple juice Any Brand will do - You may also use Cran Cherry or Apple Cherry by Old Orchard
2 jars (2 1/2 ounce each) Chicken Baby Food My guys like the Heinz and so do I as far as the smell, but the Gerber and Beechnut work fine too.
1 Small Jar Stage 2 Sweet Potato This is what they really love - Any Brand Works. If doubling your recipe, use Stage 3
1/2 cup Mixed Cereal (Dry Baby Food) You may choose any Type like Rice, Wheat, etc., - My guys Like the Mixed.
2 teaspoons Repcal Phosphorus Free - A ToandFro Item - No Substitutes
Then Add and Blend Thoroughly
1/4 cup WheatGerm Comes in a Glass Jar and Can usually be found next to the Cream of Wheat in the grocery store
1 boiled egg These may also be scrambled with no butter or margarine - The reason these are added last is because they cause the BML to be thick if whipped in too much
1 teaspoon Herptivite Vitamin Supplement A ToandFro Item - No Substitutes. - The last thing you should add should be the Herptivite - Turn on Blender for 15 seconds after adding the powder and then shut off. - no more blending!
Final Stage

Pour mixture into ice cube tray and freeze

One large cube feeds (2 Hefty Tablespoons in one cube) two adult gliders

You do not need to thaw before serving

Along with this BML Recipe include the Following Foods.

Once a week I offer 1 teaspoon of Yogurt or Cottage cheese with their BML for each glider