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This month's featured toy is our Cage Set in an adorable "Believe Christmas Fabric" There is only one of these available. This set includes a Fleece tree (shown on right) with three large bells, and other toys and embelishments, including a pretty pom pom ball on the end. Also included is a 7 inch cube, a mitten pouch with removable pom poms, one corner hammock, one rectangular hammock, one cage pouch, one parachute pouch. We feel this is the highest quality cage set made. Priced at $55.00 including shipping.





This comes in two sizes The Large size can be used for large cages or tents twisting and turning to form various shapes. The small size can be used in any sized cage. Gliders love these and they are easy to clean.

Large size is 30" long by 8" diameter; Small size is 30" long by 4" diameter


Select A Size(large or small):  



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The ToandFro Tunnel




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Soft Tunnel


Select A Fabric:  



Happy Hammock


Select A Fabric:  



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Select A Zoo Animal:  


Daisy's Delicious Delights




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Fluffy Ball


This is a climbing ball. Much larger than a softball. 7 inch Diameter. They love climbing all over this ball. To clean, wash in the washing machine

Colors vary (we choose one)


Christmas Colors



Barrel of Monkeys


Gliders carry these all over the cage during playtime. Sometimes carry in their tails and put in their pouches to add little monkeys to their nest. It is adorable to watch them play with these. Styles and brands may vary.

Treat Ball


This ball can be unscrewed and your gliders favorite treat can be put inside. Watch them roll it around trying to get the treat inside. Colors vary

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Play Balls with Bell 4-Pack


out of stock

The balls are inside this cone. Cone not included. See above for cone purchase. Balls are handmade

1.00 each


Colors Vary


Playthings This toy goes on the floor of your cage. It makes a great travel toy for the baby who says, "When will we get there?"







Hi Ho

$2.50 ea

We will choose one for you

Clip these on to your cage



Christmas Quack



Brown Bear Christmas Tree



Rudolph $8.50


Black Bear Christmas Tree $8.50


Out of Stock

Werewolf $8.50


Spaceball with Chain $18.00


Hang from top of cage

$5.00 each, we choose

Slithering Snake

Comes with hook for hanging at the top of the cage. My gliders love climbing up and down these snakes. This is one piece.

Colors Vary in Green, Pink, and Blue







Yard Long Jungle of Fun



Great for Large Cages



To and Fro Jungle O'Fun

Colors Vary




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This donut is

23" Long

Comes in Pink or Chocolate Covered





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Fleecy Knots


Hang from the top of the cage

watch them swing & climb.

Comes with hanging hook








Ship Ahoy

Large toy


One left in Stock


Marching Along


Out of Stock

You can Link these 12 shapes together and hang from one side of the cage to another

Shapes may vary

Purchase two for extra large cages





Put this in the middle of your cage and you may either serve food on it in a heavy crock bowl, or they just like to land on it from a glider. They don't knock the crock over. Please let me know how tall your cage is so I will know how long to make the chain


Tire Swing


This is a large tire - great for tall cages

No Longer Available




What a Scholar!


Sugar Gliders are so intelligent



The Circus


Animals May Vary



Turtle Fluff





Lamb Chop Fluff







Stealths & Wodent Wheels

Wodent Wheels

To choose your own color, go here, otherwise we will choose one for you.





To Select Large or Small

Stealth Wheels & Trim Trax

No longer come with pvc stands as pictured above, but with metal stands.

To Select Size and Color, click here

Sugar Glider Toy Parts


25 Links for $5.00



Midnight Crazies

Package of Eight balls with Bell





$1.00 ea



Orange Wiffles

.35 ea


Pink Wiffles

.50 ea


Play Balls with Bell 4-Pack

$3.00 for four


Ball N Barrell

$3.00 for two












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