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If you are considering purchasing a sugar glider joey or adult please do not on an impulse. A sugar glider that is a pet that is a companion just like a dog or cat, and neglected because of lack of time or committment can have a grave outcome. Please do not purchase at a pet store, flea market, or state fair. These babies come from mill breeders who have deplorable conditions and 85% of them end up dying. If the gliders you see below are too expensive, ask me about purchasing as a pet only, and I will make it worth your while. Please do all research before making a decision about your purchase. Deposits are non refundable.




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Prices are determined by color, tameness, and quality of sugarglider

Deposits can be made with Paypal and Balances are to be paid by Money Order to Sheila Willson, 8916 S. Kingston Ave., Tulsa, Ok 74137 one week prior to shipping. If you do not pay the balance by the time the joey is 8 weeks old, or the agreed time your glider is ready to go home, you forfeit your deposit unless other arrangements with Sheila have been made. Any joey left after 8 weeks because of balances unpaid will be charged a fee of $10 per week for a maximum of four weeks. Deposits are non-refundable. Gliders cannot be returned unless I approve of the return and no money will be returned to you if I approve the return. If glider is not fully paid for a fee of $300 per glider will be given to me so that I can set up a new cage and rehome the glider. I will not pay for any return airfair.

Prices do not include shipping. Shipping for all Joeys is $150 on United/Continental. This includes Carrier, inside carrier and pouch. An additional $5.00 is added if a second joey is shipped. Shipping policy can be found here.

Be prepared for bringing your glider home. Instructions for bringing your baby home can be found here.




Older Gliders and Adoptions Can Be Found Here







Boy/Girl Twins




Name: Gizmo
Sex: Male
Out of Pouch Date: 10/27/14
Ready for New Home on: 12/22/15
Color : WFB (contact for breeding to obtain genetics)

$250 Pet only Contact for Breeders Price

Status: Available
Temperament: a little vocal












Out of Pouch Date:


Ready for New Home on:


Color :

100% Het for Cremino, 25% Het for Leucistic, Classic



$275 Neutered






Chantilly & Pops












































All deposits may be made through Paypal, Check or Money Order, but the balances of Joeys or adults are to be paid by Check or Money order to Sheila Willson. Deposits are non refundable, so be sure about your purchase before making a deposit. These Prices do no include shipping. Please go to the Meet the Family Page to Make a Paypal Deposit. Seller has the right at any time before glider is shipped or delivered, to cancel sale of glider.


Prices(Subject to Change):

Normals: $200.00


WF Blondes with one Normal Parent



WF Blondes with Two Blonde Parents



WF Blonde with Two Blonde Parents, ThreeWFB Grandparents



WF Cinnamon Blonde with One Blonde Parents,



WF Cinnamon Blonde with Two Blonde Parents,



Third Generation Blondes with Blonde Parents and Grandparents on Both Sides(4 blonde grandparents)



Fourth Generation Blonde



Fourth Generation Blonde "Sunkissed"



100% Leucistic Het Female



100% Leucistic Het Male



100% Leucistic WFB Het



100% Leucistic Female



100% Leucistic Male



100% Leucistic female from WFB Leucistic



100% Leucistic Male from WFB Leucistic



Possible Leucistic 66% chance WFB



Possible Leucistic Het 50% chance normal color



100% Het Platinum WFB


66% Het Platinum


50% Het Platinum


50% Albino Het



50% Albino Het WFB



33% Het Albino



100% Albino Het



100% Cremino Het



Albino Female



Albino Male


If a joey is a het or possible het for Leucistic or Albino and exhibits a white tip tail or is a cinnamon color joey, the cost could range from $100-$200 more per glider for these traits.




















Cindy's Babies





Patti's dogs

Cadbury & Cappachino's relatives