Body Color Description
Standard Gray Body color is gray and white with white underbelly
(Brownie) Brown Color with white or creme chest, tail can have red highlights
Cinnamon Red body, red stripe and cream or offwhite underbelly
Buttercreme Creamy brown color with yellowish to cream head. Stripe is usually brown to red.
White Tipped Tail Color gray or brown with white or creme under belly. Tail varies in amount of white color shown
Blonde Cream colored head with tan body, cream underbelly( this is not a White Faced Blonde)


White Faced Blonde Cream colored head with absense of bar under ear. Body also cream or light brown in color
White Faced Normal Same markings as normal but absense of bar under ears
White Faced Sunkissed Gold highlights in body with brown stripe and absense of bar under ear
White Faced Lion Gold across back of neck with light golden head. Color can develop as joey grows into sexual maturity.

Pet Glider

Lion Golden Honey with dark brownish red features.

The Pet Glider

Champagne White Silver Color with Narrow markings and Taupe colored body. The picture below is the same glider that has turned when reaching puberty.
Champagne Gold Light Brown body with reddish or brown stripe

Champagne White Faced Blonde Same as Champagne with the WFB characterics


White Faced

Almost White Body with light gray markings. Very faint stripe and can be broken
Platinum Almost White Body with light gray or taupe markings. Faint Stripe and can be broken
Mozaic Cream Body with light gray markings and faded stripe More of a splotchy look

Pet Glider

Taz Toandfro

Ringtail Tail with varying tail colors. Some have white dots on back of neck.
Pet Glider
Calico Multi Colored Banding throughout the body

Pet Glider



Almost White Body with light gray markings. Very faint stripe and can be broken
Pet Glider
Leucistic White or Yellowish markings on the white with Black Eyes
Albino Pink Eyes and No pigment in the skin- only pink where veins are present.
  Miss Molly is a Squirrel glider

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