July 29th, 2006

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It all started with a Backyard Barbeque...


The SGGA is about families of people gathering to talk and exchange ideas about sugar gliders. It started with a Backyard Barbeque and has now become an annual convention, but the purpose is still the same and that is to share experiences concerning gliders, to better educate everyone, because no matter how long you have owned gliders we will always learn something new through experiences in life. The SGGA would not exist without the full support of the people - the people that come to the event, but also the people who donate raffle items as well as vendors themself who display their goods. The SGGA would like to recognize these people who have in the past donated in this way.



SGGA Year Location Hosted By
1999 OH Betsy & Penny
2000 NC Betsy
2001 TN Bourbon
2002 IL Danielle & Ken
2003 KS Judy Hausmann
2004 VA Marie Baldwin
2005 ARK Joy Eskine
2006 OH Kellie Spencer


SGGA YearRaffle Donation/Vendor1999-2006
Betsy w/ Betsy's Custom Creations Briskeys  
K&D Exotics Suncoast Gliders  
Pet Pro - Tom Nutter Tom Havens  
Exotic Nutrition Pegs Critters  
Briskeys Repcal  
Peggy Saunders Glider Daydreams  
Chris Hamann Queenduck  
Hope Dudley Miller Light Gliders  
Becky Pickering KarenE  
Alice Sentura Transoniq  
Cuttlebone Anita Tucker(wheels)  
Arwin (Kathy) Anita Totty  
Naomi Bonkers
K. Patrice  
Toandfro Gliders  
Judie Hausmann  
Karen Neubauer  
Judith Durst  

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